Ultimate 15 Office Design Blogs You Should Read and Follow

Ultimate 15 Office Design Blogs You Should Read and Follow

It is no doubt that workplace culture can be enhanced or dulled depending on its office design. Walking into a well organized office in the morning is the best feeling ever since everything is organized and the atmosphere is just welcoming. You will be able to begin your work immediately, thus enhancing more energy and willingness to perform your daily activities and increase productivity. This can’t be achieved if the office is not in any known design and does not reflect what you stand up for.

For offices and companies, the design should always be attractive, and that attracts customers from outside. It should be appealing to employees and reflects the company’s value. The hard part comes when choosing the best design, which does not only favor you but also favor’s the employees. Many blogs have risen to explain and show the best office designs, and these are the best ones so far:

1. Office Designs

This blog enables all those businesses that are starting up and have not yet developed to engage in modern trends. It discusses how they can best plan their space while minding the health of their employees – here.

2. Retail Design

This blog, it involves the actual designing of the offices such as the furniture and power source. The professionals involved in this kind of work you can find them here.

3. Senses

When you want your company’s office to match up your values; you need to figure out how it can bring them out. This is the part where sensyst comes along because its primary aim is planning and creatively designing your office.

4. Strategy Hat

Imagine a scenario where you want to relocate your office, how best can you do it? You don’t have to ask this question again since this blog posts everything about the relocation of offices to restoring your furniture – here.

5. Dezeen Magazine

We all aim a company’s name to grow and have many people looking for it. Dezeen magazine is a blog that enables this to be achieved by inspiring customers to your blog and that it’s easy to be found.

6. Enviable Workplace

To have a great company’s culture, its best to visit this blog. It explains how best companies can shape their culture either physically or by the employees themselves.

7. Space, Inc.

As its name dictates, it is a consultancy that ensures that workspaces are created. To make sure your company can relocate from one location to another, it gives the tips to making productive workspaces.

8. 15Five

This is software that deals with employees in the company. How well are they being led? It offers tips on excellent leadership skills and team productivity, which shapes the design of the offices.

9. FastCo Design

It is a blog that explores all designs from its physical appearance to the views of the customers. It checks on all the plans and whether it matches its culture and experience.

10. Office Snapshots

Stories are shared here about how the offices reflect what a company believes in and its mission. The stories are shared by designers and firms who have experience and give them in the form of case studies.

11. WorkDesign Magazine

It analyzes the trends across various industries, and it enables companies to know what is trending and what it needs for it to grow. It offers insights on how best to address the needs of the companies.

12. Office Principles

It shows how design choices influence the principles of the workplace culture of the company. They enable the design of office spaces that enhances intelligence and productivity.

13. Hatch

Hatch is an exciting blog as it talks about enhancing employee productivity. They consider the environment and having a great brand as the latest design trends.

14. Entrepreneur’s office space topic thread

As a magazine, it offers design tips for the small businesses that are starting up to the established ones. It is very relevant to the companies, plus it also advises on culture.

15. RoundPegg

This considers not only the workspace design but also the employees that are sitting around the table, having various meetings. It considers chairs that make employees feel relaxed and comfortable.

Consequently, to get the best design for your office is a big decision to make, which has many alternatives. Having a user guide will save you the work of finding professionals for the job, and by reading and following the previous blogs, you will never regret it. After all, we all need an exciting and energizing place to walk into every day.

Mark J. Schmidt