The Five Main Civil Engineering Project Types

The Five Main Civil Engineering Project Types

Civil engineering projects require time and extreme construction. There are two important components to civil engineering projects identified by CE Global, constructing and renovation of a structure or an environment. These projects happen around the world. Some people who work in this profession focus on disciplines that require certain skills, but some focus on less popular projects. To understand more about civil engineer projects and what each focuses on, here are five of the type of different projects they do.

The 5 Types Of Civil Engineering Projects:

1. Water Engineering

The popular of projects out of the five, water engineering requires people in this profession to look for how natural waterways work and using methods that help direct or store water. This type of project is important because everyone needs water to survive. Today, engineers are focusing on flooding areas, groundwater concerns, and areas that coastal water is present. This helps them with finding ways to conserve water in the future.

2. Construction and Management Engineering


Three Gorges Dam in China


This type of project focuses more on structures such as bridges, road buildings. Building a safe, environmentally friendly, and sustainable structure is important. Once construction is completed, engineers will then plan out how everything will be maintained, operated, and refurbished.

3. Structural Engineering


People who work in this field focus on designing or analyzing the construction of buildings, towers, bridges, dams, and similar structures. Out of all of the projects mentioned, this takes time as they need to plan it accordingly; especially on making sure these structures are safe, reliable, economical, and sustainable. Besides making sure the structures are safe, they also need to make it visually appealing to the public. Skills that are required for this profession are physics and math.

4. Geotechnical Engineering

People who work in this profession of engineering work with things that interact with the ground. To see how the ground is holding up, they take samples of soil which they then test to see the quality of the soil and what it has inside so they can have success for their project. Places, where they do testing for soil quality, are bridges, railways, roads, and tunnels: however, this can be anywhere. They also do multiple areas since two areas of soil are not the same, which makes this job difficult.

5. Transport Engineering

Like water engineering, this type of engineering is popular because travelling is a popular activity around the world. They focus on different transportation stations like airports, trains, buses, and boats. They plan the design and operation of the vehicle or station. Workers in this profession make sure transportation is up to standards before having people ride it. Today, transport engineers are focusing on ways to cut down on carbon emissions and decreasing energy.


These five civil engineering projects might seem the same, but they do focus on different aspects of engineering. Some focus on things that aren’t structures like transport, soil quality, water, and designing buildings. Other focus on creating a building or other structure that is safe and sustainable for the public. Each job also requires different skills for each type of engineering.

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